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A  back to the top

Access to state highways
Air pollution
Airport zoning permit
Alcoholic beverages
Amusement rides
Auto dismantlers & recyclers
B  back to the top

Banking & lending
Bedding & upholstery
Boat and vehicle trailer dealers
Boating and boat registrations
Brownfield redevelopment
Business name availability
C  back to the top

Cemetery & burial goods
Charities & solicitors
Child day care
Cigarettes and tobacco
Coal mining
Condominium sales
D  back to the top

Dairy farms and milk
Dentists and assistants
Document authentication
Driver licensing
Dump trucks
E  back to the top

Elevators & escalators
Employment agencies
Establish a business entity
Establish tax accounts
F  back to the top

Farm labor
Fire extinguishers
Fire sprinklers
First responders
Fisheries service
Fishing licenses
Fleets of vehicles
Food processing
Food service facilities
Foreign corporations
Forest & tree service
Foster care
Franchise sales
G  back to the top

Gasoline and other fuels
H  back to the top

Hand guns & concealed weapons
Hazardous materials in the Port or Harbor Tunnel
Health clubs & self-defense schools
Historic preservation
Home builders
Home improvement contractors
Honey bees
Hunting & trapping
Hunting licenses
I  back to the top

Insurance companies
Insurance sales
Investment advisors & financial planners
J  back to the top

Junkyards & scrap metal processing
K  back to the top

Kidney Dialysis & Renal Transplants
M  back to the top

Massage therapy
Medical labs
Migratory labor camps
Milk trucks
Mobile home parks & campgrounds
Modular buildings
Motor clubs
Motorcycle safety
N  back to the top

Non-beverage alcohol
Non-coal mining
Non-profit health plans
Non-public schools
Notary publics
Nursing homes & assisted living
O  back to the top

Obtain a Trade Name for DBA
Occupational & professional licenses
Occupational therapists
Oil control
Organic food
Outdoor advertising
Outdoor music festivals
Outdoor music festivals
Oversize & overweight hauling
P  back to the top

Paramedics and emergency medical technicians
Pay telephones
Personal property taxes
Pharmacies & manufacturers
Physical therapy
Picketing at the World Trade Center
Plant sales
Port of Baltimore activities
Power generation
Private career schools
Private detectives
Private review agent
Professional driving schools
Public adjuster
Public swimming pools & spas
R  back to the top

Race tracks
Railroad police
Real estate sales
Religious colleges
Rental vehicles
Residential & non-residential mental health treatment
Retirement communities & home care
S  back to the top

Sales of vending machines, pay phones & display racks of greeting cards
School administrators & specialists
School buses
Security alarm technicians and agency license
Security guards
Senior centers
Smoke detectors
Social workers
Special police
Sports agents
State police officers
Substance abuse treatment
T  back to the top

Taxicabs, vans, limousines
Third party claims administration
V  back to the top

Vehicle registration
Vehicle sales
Vehicle title service agents
Vehicle towing, road service & storage
W  back to the top

Waste management
Water pollution
Weights & measures
Y  back to the top

Youth camps

DISCLAIMER: This information is intended to provide you with a general list of many of the State’s regulatory programs. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all regulatory programs. For more information, search for business and occupational licenses on Blis or contact the State agencies directly.
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