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ExportMD Program

Marketing your firm’s products and services in foreign markets can be costly. Airfare, hotel, taxis, trade shows, and translators are a few examples of what can cause costs to rise quickly. The Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development’s International Investment and Trade Office designed the ExportMD Program for Maryland’s small and mid-sized companies to help offset some of the costs of marketing internationally.

What is the ExportMD Award?
Maryland companies that receive an ExportMD Award are eligible for up to $5,000 in reimbursement for expenses associated with an international marketing initiative as described in a proposal that they file with DBED. To assist with executing their initiative, companies can also receive up to 40 hours of assistance from DBED’s trade experts located in 10 countries around the globe – China, France, Russia, Israel, Colombia, India, Montenegro, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.

What expenses are eligible for reimbursement?
Any expenses related to an international marketing initiative as described in your proposal including: Trade show fees, airfare, translation of brochures, web site development, etc.

Does Your Firm Qualify for the ExportMD Program?
Yes, if your company:

  • Has business operations in Maryland and is in good standing with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation;
  • Has not received MTAP or an ExportMD Award in the last 2 years;
  • Meets the U.S. Government definition of a small business, generally under $7 million in annual receipts or 500 employees, depending upon the industry sector. Please contact our office to determine if your company meets the size requirement*
  • Has been in operation for at least one year; 
  • Is planning an international business initiative in the next 9 months.

How do I apply?
Applying for ExportMD funding is easy. Please contact your DBED at the telephone number below and tell us about your international marketing plan. DBED will assist you in to fill out the application. Please include your plan’s budget estimates.

Is there a deadline for submitting an ExportMD application?
Yes. DBED accepts ExportMD grant applications from qualifying companies on a bi-monthly basis. Application deadlines are: February 1, April 1, June 1, August 1, October 1 and December 1.

For more information, contact Linda Reibert at DBED’s International Investment and Trade Office at (410) 767-0685 or LReibert@choosemaryland.org.

*Companies that do not qualify for the ExportMD program can still receive other forms of assistance through our office. Please contact us to learn what resource may be available to your firm.

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